Honey Butter


I love the taste of your lips after you’ve surfaced from swimming in my sex.

This was supposed to be the first line of the poem I was writing for Tus. What I was hoping to be a sexual and romantic ode for him seemed as if I was being cozy with my own pussy instead. What does that make me? A lesbian? A narcissist? Or love juice just turns me on?

The ‘taste of Venus’ is definitely powerful. I have read an article that vaginal secretions make male monkeys hopped up for some good banging. But I’m no monkey. I admit that when my lover emits his natural ‘scent of Eros’, my amorousness takes over. I wanna bathe in the sweetness of his aroma and slide my naked body against his erection. But that’s perfectly natural. It’s science. Which leads me to my conclusion that my appetite for this zing has something to do with what I just mentioned and how we, as humans, can detect sex pheromones. It’s probably the mixture of his smell, my taste and our fluids playing together. That’s where the sweet magic is coming from. The rich velvet stickiness of this flow certainly can turn somebody wild. And that brings us to our next aphrodisiac: Honey.






1/2 pound soft butter (227g)

1/4 cup honey (115g)


Simply mix well together in a small bowl then use as spread.

You can spoon some all over your lover’s body and taste his sweetness enhanced by honey or you can even use your bodies as the bread and lather yourselves up with this sweet drip. Lick, suck and eat up! Lose yourselves in the taste and savor the mind blowing experience to come. You can even add a pinch of nutmeg for more spice. Just bear in mind that you can’t go wrong with honey. It’s the nectar of Aphrodite.

Hot Dish or Diss Dish?

We tried our honey butter yesterday afternoon and melted on each other’s arms on how the flavor transported us to heaven. The richness of the thick layer on my crackers seduced our taste buds and had us wanting for more. There was a curious factor to it. The clean and honest taste of it made you wanted to figure it out which made us reach out for more but not to the point of binging. Eventually, my bee got busy sucking the nectar out of me. The spread worked but my legs did most of the spreading afterwards since i wanted him to corrupt my body the easy way. Place your fingertip on your tongue then hold your bony finger up in mid air and say, tsss. This dish is definitely under hot dish. If you are gonna do this, put a little bit of spread on the tip of your tongue and let him taste it by frenching him. Oooohhhlala.. You will definitely shake each other’s core when you’re done.

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