I’m a woman trying to channel the Aphrodite in me hoping to put my lover under my spell with my cooking using natural aphrodisiacs. The goal? To develop his palate. To introduce his preference to good food. To instill fire in his bland taste. To emit sexy vibe in my kitchen. Rise, Aphrodite. Rise!


AphroDishes is my Modus Operandi to get my lover to develop his taste in food. All else who had ever tried my cooking got close to licking off every morsel on their plate except for my man who, I think, happens to have a very boring taste bud.

Eating is supposed to be a happy moment especially when shared with loved ones. The memories of my mom’s kitchen is something that I hold dear to my heart. That’s what I want to achieve in our own kitchen.I want him to start getting excited when he finds out that I’m making a mess in the kitchen and trying out something new. So, I’m coming up with this project hoping that I’m able to ignite his inner passion for food and wake his inner Casanova.

But before we get started, maybe there should be some changes as well. I happen to be very uptight when it comes to the kitchen.  I want everything to be spic and span. If I see the brewer moved beside the sterilizer rather than its usual spot, I get crazy and reorient the people at home of where things should go or what not. Maybe loosening up will change the energy in my kitchen. So that’s one thing I’d start working on.

Another thing is to be the sexy chef. I mean, I don’t wanna look like an old witch brewing a nasty spell in my huge cauldron, right? Every Sunday, I will try a new recipe loaded with natural aphrodisiacs. I will list the ingredients here and jot down the results if the dish worked or not.

If it worked, try it on your man and empower the Aphrodite in you!

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