Honey Butter


I love the taste of your lips after you’ve surfaced from swimming in my sex.

This was supposed to be the first line of the poem I was writing for Tus. What I was hoping to be a sexual and romantic ode for him seemed as if I was being cozy with my own pussy instead. What does that make me? A lesbian? A narcissist? Or love juice just turns me on?

The ‘taste of Venus’ is definitely powerful. I have read an article that vaginal secretions make male monkeys hopped up for some good banging. But I’m no monkey. I admit that when my lover emits his natural ‘scent of Eros’, my amorousness takes over. I wanna bathe in the sweetness of his aroma and slide my naked body against his erection. But that’s perfectly natural. It’s science. Which leads me to my conclusion that my appetite for this zing has something to do with what I just mentioned and how we, as humans, can detect sex pheromones. It’s probably the mixture of his smell, my taste and our fluids playing together. That’s where the sweet magic is coming from. The rich velvet stickiness of this flow certainly can turn somebody wild. And that brings us to our next aphrodisiac: Honey.






1/2 pound soft butter (227g)

1/4 cup honey (115g)


Simply mix well together in a small bowl then use as spread.

You can spoon some all over your lover’s body and taste his sweetness enhanced by honey or you can even use your bodies as the bread and lather yourselves up with this sweet drip. Lick, suck and eat up! Lose yourselves in the taste and savor the mind blowing experience to come. You can even add a pinch of nutmeg for more spice. Just bear in mind that you can’t go wrong with honey. It’s the nectar of Aphrodite.

Hot Dish or Diss Dish?

We tried our honey butter yesterday afternoon and melted on each other’s arms on how the flavor transported us to heaven. The richness of the thick layer on my crackers seduced our taste buds and had us wanting for more. There was a curious factor to it. The clean and honest taste of it made you wanted to figure it out which made us reach out for more but not to the point of binging. Eventually, my bee got busy sucking the nectar out of me. The spread worked but my legs did most of the spreading afterwards since i wanted him to corrupt my body the easy way. Place your fingertip on your tongue then hold your bony finger up in mid air and say, tsss. This dish is definitely under hot dish. If you are gonna do this, put a little bit of spread on the tip of your tongue and let him taste it by frenching him. Oooohhhlala.. You will definitely shake each other’s core when you’re done.

Daily Prompt: That’s Amore

Daily Prompt: That's Amore

I love egss! And nope. I didn’t mean the kind that are dangling between somebody’s else’s legs, you dirty dog, you! I mean, chicken, duck or quail eggs even! I have a long standing relationship with it. Ever since I was a kid, I remember getting excited when we’re having eggs in the morning. Be it hard boiled, scrambled, sunny side up or what have you. I love it in my soup, in my sandwich, tossed with my salad or topped on my rice.

And yup! You guessed it, if you wanna crank up your randiness, eggs are your best bet. Raw chicken eggs when eaten before sex are believed to enhance one’s libido. It’s also a symbol of fertility and it’s packed with protein which increases the aphrodisiac effects by sustaining one’s energy and passion.

So go ahead and crack one of those bad boys, slide them raw down your throats or let it sizzle on your hot pan. Just go and have some to get some. Yum!

Asparagus and Mushroom Pasta


NATURE IS EROTIC. Consider a forest – full of trees oozing sap, whispering winds, and wild, mating animals. Or an ocean – surging and mysterious, with waves crashing and spray flying. There’s a power in nature that often teeters on the edge between beauty and danger, something that excites you, opens up all your senses, and makes you feel as juicy as a mango and primal as a wolf in mating season. – Olivia St. Claire, The Sex Devotional

Now that explains why the wilderness never fails to give me multiple orgasms. How I always soar high whenever I dive in to its beauty – like the union of two souls lost in tantric sex. And every time I snap out of my trance after a long soulful ride with Mother Earth, I am enraptured. As if caught up in the hype of a long, sizzlin’ passionate post sex with your best lovers rolled into one. Heaving and panting with delight. Giddy and feverish, yearning for another round. Grinning and sighing, still hung over to the surreal ecstasy of the ride. So for all you wanting to scratch that itch, I’m definitely recommending you to go into the wild.



One of my bibles for sensual cooking would be Isabel Allende’s Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses. In there she said that she’d cook mushrooms when she and her husband need to mellow down and call it a truce when they are at war. And that’s exactly what I did. Tus and I have been bitching about petty stuff the whole week so I decided to whip up a reconciliation dish of  my own. Thinking about it got me pretty excited for our intense make up sex so I made sure to cook something really good. The perfect earthy, comfort food as if running back to the loving arms of Mother Earth. And I came up with a mushroom dish. The sort that didn’t have to drown on sauce but just enough to coat the entire food (like cum on a dick after pulling it out of your lover). I dunno if there will be an intense make up sex after eating a meal like this but perhaps I could also settle for some cuddling action if sex wasn’t in order.

Asparagus and Mushroom Pasta

Any mushroom of your choice

Asparagus – trimmed


olive oil – 2 tbps

butter 5 tbps

garlic – 5 cloves, minced

sesame seeds – toasted

salt and pepper

In a large pot of boiling salted water, put in the pasta and drain after about 2 minutes.

In the mean time, while the water is boiling, heat the pan and pour in the olive oil followed by the butter. When the butter quiets down its sizzle, put in the garlic and stir ’til aromatic. Dump in the mushrooms and let it sit to soak all the flavors. Put in your sliced asparagus and stir, mixing all the flavors. Mix in the pasta until it glistens with the oil and butter. Add a little bit of the starchy water from where it was boiling to thicken the sauce a little. Season with salt and pepper to your liking and sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds on top. Serve with garlic bread if desired. Enjoy!


Hot Dish or Diss Dish?

So I was feeling pretty good as I was cooking. The aroma coming from the kitchen was wonderful and the growling tummies are waiting. But before I could serve dinner, Tus’ friends came barging in to pick him up. The plan of  intense make up sex or cuddling action was out the window. Mushrooms were sliding down their throats in seconds, washed over with a tall glass of water and they bolted out the door.

That was it.

A quickie and not in the way I was expecting. This dish is definitely under Hot Dish. It’s the friends that should be dissed. Damn.

Daily Prompt: Linger

Daily Prompt: Linger

Cooked to perfection! Shells come off easily as if a horny boy ready to strip. The shrimp is plump and juicy and there’s nothing left to do but to surrender to its goodness. Use your fingers and fondle it. Get in there! Lick, suck and romance the dish!

This is best eaten slow. Relish every bite. Savor its flavor. Be in the now where you think of nothing and just indulge in the dish’s all kinds of yum. You’re in the now, thinking only of what you pop in your mouth and giving in to it. It’s ok to give in. So, dig in, mates.

Curried Mussels with Cilantro and Lime

Curried Mussels with Cilantro and Lime


Aphrodite emerged from the sea in a giant scallop shell and people were astounded by her beauty that they forgot where they were.

She is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility and desire which makes all seafood as one of the greatest aphrodisiacs of all time.

My first recipe’s main ingredient is mussels. Scientific studies show that there are chemical compounds in them that release sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen.

I can’t really testify to this since I’m not 100% sure that my sex drive was on account of shellfish. My lover and I average to making monkey love 3-4 times a week, sometimes even twice a day. Although, I cook mussels every week, I can’t really confirm that our humping like rabbits come from that source. All I know is that we love eating mussels, oysters and all kinds of seafood. If he forgets where he is as soon as I erupt from the sheets naked and if the main course leads to dessert, then perhaps my cooking worked.



1k mussels – scrubbed and debearded (discard opened shells)

ginger – 1 root (minced)

garlic – 4 cloves (minced)

onion – 1 small bulb (sliced)

juice of 1 lime

coconut milk – 1 cup

curry powder – 1/4 cup

cilantro (chopped)

In one hot cauldron, pour in about 2 tbsp cooking oil and put in the ginger and stir ’til aromatic. Dump in the garlic and onions and stir ’til they sweat a little. Put in the shellfish, squeeze the lime juice and sautee. Pour the coconut milk and put lid on. Lower the fire when it starts to boil. Shower with curry powder and mix everything. Put lid back on and just let it steam ’til every piece of shell is open. Discard the ones that are still closed. Season with salt and pepper to your liking. Sprinkle cilantro and enjoy over steaming white rice.

Eat with your hands to make the experience more sexual. Feed your lover and let him lick your fingers. Just don’t forget to wash them before this leads to the bedroom. Curry on your sheets is just not a pretty picture.

Hot Dish or Diss Dish?

Empty plates. Empty pot. Happy chef. I guess that’s how you spell success. I’m thinking that the power of mussels definitely kicked in since lover boy kept touching me in the most intimate parts. I totally spaced out after dinner since I had to do the dishes and ready our kid for bed which is why the after effects of the aphrodisiac was far from my mind. I’d bend a little to get something from the drawer for our little girl, and there my husband’s fingers were – pinching my nipples. So I’d stand straight up, glancing his way but he’d have a straight face. That didn’t stop me from smiling wickedly. But since our kid was still up ’til the wee hours of the morning and I had to get some shut eye for work tomorrow, no PC muscle contracted that night. There were just rolling around, touching, definite pressing and caressing but no intercourse.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m one satisfied disciple of Aphrodite. This recipe will definitely be under Hot Dish. First meal was a hit and I can’t wait for us to share our next meal together.

If you’re thinking of having a romantic night at home with your partner, you better try the curried mussels. You can add chili if you want things to get hotter than it is.

Have fun sizzlin’ things up!

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I’m a woman trying to channel the Aphrodite in me hoping to put my lover under my spell with my cooking using natural aphrodisiacs. The goal? To develop his palate. To introduce his preference to good food. To instill fire in his bland taste. To emit sexy vibe in my kitchen. Rise, Aphrodite. Rise!


AphroDishes is my Modus Operandi to get my lover to develop his taste in food. All else who had ever tried my cooking got close to licking off every morsel on their plate except for my man who, I think, happens to have a very boring taste bud.

Eating is supposed to be a happy moment especially when shared with loved ones. The memories of my mom’s kitchen is something that I hold dear to my heart. That’s what I want to achieve in our own kitchen.I want him to start getting excited when he finds out that I’m making a mess in the kitchen and trying out something new. So, I’m coming up with this project hoping that I’m able to ignite his inner passion for food and wake his inner Casanova.

But before we get started, maybe there should be some changes as well. I happen to be very uptight when it comes to the kitchen.  I want everything to be spic and span. If I see the brewer moved beside the sterilizer rather than its usual spot, I get crazy and reorient the people at home of where things should go or what not. Maybe loosening up will change the energy in my kitchen. So that’s one thing I’d start working on.

Another thing is to be the sexy chef. I mean, I don’t wanna look like an old witch brewing a nasty spell in my huge cauldron, right? Every Sunday, I will try a new recipe loaded with natural aphrodisiacs. I will list the ingredients here and jot down the results if the dish worked or not.

If it worked, try it on your man and empower the Aphrodite in you!